Wednesday, May 19, 2010

answers to questions?

Orwell doe a great job establishing himself as a credible source by citing his personal experiences as well as noting events he has witnessed. Orwell appeals to logic by explaining his thought process and validating his actions through reason. The author does a magnificent job of appealing to the audience by expressing his discomfort throughout the play.

Orwell was very balanced through the essay. He constantly validates and justifies the feelings and actions of the burmese throughout this endeavor. he gave many examples to establish himself as knowledgeable on the subject.

I believe orwell's purpose in this essay is to entertain and enlighten his audience on the subliminal social roles people often play. Orwell's audience is a broad base who might wish to see the social contracts of imperialism.

Orwell is Orwell, he writes with great style and is a master storyteller. i believe his voice is that of a logical rational person who wishes to be fair to all viewpoints.

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