Monday, May 24, 2010

Ron Howard's overweight, older brother

It was a friday night and i went to grab a bite to eat. As i walked up to the cafe an older man who had the resemblance of Ron Howard's overweight, older brother came up to me and said "Compadre tengo Robin Hood buen calidad y muchas mas..".

i initially ignored the man, but after having an entire meal to stew about it i decided to grab a copy of robin hood. i went outside told Ron Howard's overweight, older brother that i would take a copy.
he handed me the movie in a blockbuster case made famous by their sticker sku's. only he scratched out the blockbuster logo and put down his phone number.

as i observed this he told me about his one dollar exchange program; i call him anytime with my movie request and it would be available the next day for one dollar if u bring the previous movie to trade in.

i got back to my house and placed the movie in my dvd player and sat down to enjoy russell Crowe's "slightly Irish accent". only to find out the movie was in spanish. To hell with Ron Howard's overweight, older brother

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i hope i never have to throw a frying pan at an old lady but if i do she'd better not get up. i don't know what' worse the fact that she got up or the fact that i couldn't lay her out.

abstract thoughts

Tom secretly resented his wife and her spicy tomato soup. he dreamed of the day he'd get rid of the soup for good. it was a Tuesday when tom was hit by a firetruck on the way to see backdraft.

Richard was tom's son, he loved his mother's spicy tomato soup and became very successful; never having seen backdraft.

Anne was tom's secretary, and she had an affair with timothy, Richard's son.

Timothy never met his grandfather Tom but was told he was a good man who loved grandma's spicy tomato soup; timothy secretly resented the part about the tomato soup.

answers to questions?

Orwell doe a great job establishing himself as a credible source by citing his personal experiences as well as noting events he has witnessed. Orwell appeals to logic by explaining his thought process and validating his actions through reason. The author does a magnificent job of appealing to the audience by expressing his discomfort throughout the play.

Orwell was very balanced through the essay. He constantly validates and justifies the feelings and actions of the burmese throughout this endeavor. he gave many examples to establish himself as knowledgeable on the subject.

I believe orwell's purpose in this essay is to entertain and enlighten his audience on the subliminal social roles people often play. Orwell's audience is a broad base who might wish to see the social contracts of imperialism.

Orwell is Orwell, he writes with great style and is a master storyteller. i believe his voice is that of a logical rational person who wishes to be fair to all viewpoints.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Writing Style"

"The most important thing to remember is to punch the keys. If you punch the keys there's a greater chance you will feel the need to put the words that matter most on paper."

I've always felt that the first draft is the most important part of your essay. For me it's an experience rather like watching a movie for the first time, i never really know where it will end up.I suppose, a good writer would have an idea of where he's going to end up when it's over. Where's the adventure in that?

For assignments however, I put great emphasis on the preparation aspect of the writing process. If a writer is knowledgeable on the subject then he will have confidence in his words and the message they are striving to convey. Writing, like life, is filled with data that must be filtered through to find the most effective pieces for your current project.The strength of your final paper is almost always directly related to your research on the topic.

As I write, I tend to correct my work as i go along and always find that to be insufficient. For me, a second set of eyes works well and getting another opinion on your work isn't bad either.For my History papers, which i take great pride in, the first draft often contains much less than the final paper will. That first draft is like highway ten coast to coast, whereas the final draft would feel more like route 66. After I'm done writing the first draft i can look at the paper in its entirety and then go about adding all the fiddly bits.

While the travails of a junior college student aren't very exciting I hope I found some way to make this enjoyable.